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Are you in search of a piece of heaven on Earth? Look no further than Vasudha Kalpataru, where your dream farm land near Bangalore for sale becomes a reality. Nestled in the heart of Agalakotta’s serene countryside, our farmland properties are a harmonious blend of natural beauty and modern amenities. Price start from 399/- Per sq. ft

Discover Your Slice of Bliss

At Vasudha Kalpataru, we understand that farmlands are more than just an investment; it’s a sanctuary, a place to unwind, and a connection to nature. Our properties are meticulously curated to offer you the ultimate rural experience, featuring:

Goshala (Cow Shelter)

Embrace the serenity of rural life with our goshala, a sacred space where cows are lovingly cared for. Experience the tranquillity that only cows can bring to your surroundings.

Swimming Pool

Dive into luxury! Our farmland properties come with a refreshing swimming pool, the perfect spot to relax, soak up the sun and create lasting memories with family and friends.

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Timber Treasures

Immerse yourself in the charm of nature with our abundant timber resources. Build your dream cottage, treehouse, or cabin in the premium gated community.

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Jackfruit Paradise

Experience the joy of harvesting fresh jackfruit right from your backyard. These tropical wonders will add a burst of flavour to your life and provide a bountiful harvest every season.

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Coconut Grove Goa Trees

Transport yourself to the tropical paradise of Goa with our lush coconut groves. Enjoy the sweet taste of coconut water and create your own oasis beneath these iconic trees.

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Why Choose Vasudha Kalpataru
  • We provide a range of property sizes to suit your needs, from cozy getaways to expansive estates.
  • Our properties are well-maintained, secure, and designed to maximize your connection with nature.
  • We offer customized plots options to make your dream farmland affordable.
  • Vasudha Kalpataru is committed to sustainable land management and eco-friendly practices.

Join Us in Agalakotta

  • Experience the charm of rural living, where every sunrise is a masterpiece and every sunset a work of art.
  • Explore the local culture, cuisine, and traditions that make Agalakotta a unique and vibrant state.
  • Own a piece of paradise that you can escape to whenever you need a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Discover the serene beauty of farm land around Bangalore.

Projection Location

Our farm land is located at Agalakotta village, fully Surrounded by number of hill stations in Denkanikottai taluk Near hosur. This place is located 1000metre above the sea level. Its salubrious weather is reminiscent of English climate. Hence it was named as the Little england of India during the British regime. Just 1 hour drive from Electronic city.+

  • A Glimpse of Kalpataru farms
    The site houses around 4000 teakwood trees with more than 20 years of age, 500 coconut trees, 500 mango trees, 100 lemon trees , 10 jackfruits trees, 100 guava trees with bore wells.
  • 10 meter & 7 meter well planned roads with solar street lights
  • High return on investments
  • Pleasant weather all year round.
  • Our projects has abundant supply of ground water piped potable water will be provided to all the plots through overhead tank.
  • Gated community of fully developed farm villa plots
  • Indoor games like carrom board, chess, table tennis and library facilities with outdoor games such as Tennis court, basketball court, volley ball court shuttle court etct.
  • Party area, walking track, track for cycling, swimming pool, club house with 5 bed rooms & canteen.
  • Temple and landscaped garden with rain water harvesting.
  • Entrance gate with 24*7 security personnel and cctv
  • Free maintenance of trees for 3 years.



What Our Clients Say

Our clients are happy with the great service we provide!

Just Wonderful. I went there to have a look at the property on a friend's suggestion. Well, every bit of the place, starting fron the main gate is beautiful and serene. So many trees of all kinds all around. A beautiful road bordered by trees. I couldn't take off my eyes from that sight. A very good scenery around. A lot of flower gardens on the way to reach the place. I decided to own a place right away, on my first visit itself. The cow herd and the beautiful amenities the developers provided are added attractions. The best weekend home to spend with my family. This is undoubtedly a best thing happened in my life. I'm so happy and a proud owner of one of the sites in this farm land. I happened to visit a few more properties of this team. All of them gave the similar vibe. I wish I could own more place for me from these developers in the future too.
Krishna Chaitanya
Life Science Professional
It has teakwood’s which are well over 40 feet each. There are fruit bearing trees and a cafeteria coming up. A swimming pool is almost ready and it is a very pleasant place to be for nature lovers and for everyone else.
It is great place to build second home to escape city chaos and reconnect with nature. Amenities and experiences are created away in beautiful and serene lush green surroundings.
SR Manager, MNC

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Your sanctuary in the countryside awaits.


Yes, you can buy farmland around Bangalore. Consider exploring options like Vasudha Kalpataru Countryside Farmland for opportunities near Bangalore. Visit us to know more about our farmlands and the benefits of farmland ownership, such as our farmland offerings, amenities, agricultural activities, and potential investment growth.
Farmland investment involves purchasing agricultural land with the aim of generating returns through farming activities or land appreciation. Explore opportunities with Vasudha Kalpataru for farmland investment. Contact us today to know more about our farmland offerings and investment options.
Managed farmland offers benefits such as professional oversight, increased productivity, and potential for higher returns. Explore managed farmland opportunities with Vasudha Kalpataru. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, our farmland offers a peaceful retreat where one can appreciate the simple joys of rural living and reconnect with nature’s beauty.Visit our farms to learn more about our managed farmland offerings and farmland benefits.
Absolutely, investing in managed farmland near Bangalore can offer a hassle-free way to earn returns while contributing to sustainable agriculture. Consider exploring options with Vasudha Kalpataru for reliable managed farmland opportunities. Find solace away from city life with our managed farmland. Visit our farms to discover more about their offerings and benefits.
Managed farmland involves professional oversight and efficient agricultural practices to maximize productivity and returns for investors. Explore the concept further with Vasudha Kalpataru for tailored managed farmland opportunities. Our farmland provides a tranquil escape from the busy urban environment.Visit or contact us to delve into our approach and offerings.
Farmland prices around Bangalore vary based on location, size, and amenities. It typically ranges from ₹17 lakhs to ₹50 lakhs. Explore options with Vasudha Kalpataru for competitive prices and quality farmland. Explore our offerings and pricing details by visiting us or giving us a call at +91 9964999190.
Farmland prices around Bangalore vary based on location, size, and amenities. It typically ranges from ₹17 lakhs to ₹50 lakhs. Explore options with Vasudha Kalpataru for competitive prices and quality farmland. Explore our offerings and pricing details by visiting us or giving us a call at +91 9964999190.
The best place to buy farmland depends on individual preferences and goals. Vasudha Kalpataru near Bangalore stands out as an excellent choice for purchasing farmland, offering prime locations and sustainable agricultural practices. Explore our farmland by visiting us or contacting us for the best farmland options and expertise in farmland investments.
Buying agricultural land can be a smart investment, offering opportunities for stable returns and contributing to sustainable farming practices. Explore the potential with Vasudha Kalpataru for reliable agricultural land investments.Explore our offerings and pricing details by visiting our location or giving us a call at +91 9964999190.
Yes, building a farmhouse on agricultural land near Bangalore is possible, subject to local regulations. Explore options with Vasudha Kalpataru for suitable agricultural land where building a farmhouse is permitted. Visit us to learn more about our offerings and possibilities for farmhouse construction to indulge nature and serene beauty with our farms.
Areas with lesser demand or rural regions often offer the most budget-friendly land prices. In such locations, you might discover opportunities for land acquisition at more affordable rates, presenting an attractive option for potential buyers. Conducting thorough research and exploring various regions can help you uncover the best deals on land prices. Explore our farms Vasudha Kalpataru to indulge in the uncomplicated pleasures of countryside existence and rediscover the splendor of the natural world by visiting us or giving us a call.

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